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Understanding FRP lock

FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a  new feature  designed to protect  your android  device. It has been  added  to several 

android devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher.


FRP feature is only enabled if a Google account is  present on the device. FRP  does not  work  if the reset is done through

Apps > Settings > Backup  and  reset > Factory  data reset.  It also means that you  should have  to enable secure screen

lock feature to  prevent  removing google  account from your phone  and do  factory  resetting simultaneously. Here, after

the factory reset, you are not promptedto provide the Google account credentials that was previously synced on the device. 



FRP will not work if you are aware of OEM unlocking function is enable in developer option.  OEM unlocking protects


from FRP lock

(Normally this function is disable so you need to follow this simple step to enable OEM unlocking) 

To enable OEM unlocking Tap "Settings"
Tap "About Device"
Tap on the "Build Number" button about 7 times.
Developer Mode should now be unlocked and available in
Settings > More > Developer Options
Tap on the “Developer option” and select OEM unlocking
Now your phone has enabled OEM unlocking and you can do hard key factory reset.


Now your phone has enabled OEM unlocking and you can do hard key factory reset.

Note: Select OEM Unlocking if only you need to hard key factory reset or you need to Root you Android Device using unofficial

root toolkit. Selection OEM unlocking may take your device to Vulnerability, So that if device encounters untrusted hard key

factory reset from anyone other than you will not be asked google account or Samsung account credentials to activate any one can activate, remove your data and use your phone on their behalf.


FRP works when your device has encountered an untrusted reset, hard key factory reset, reset from Android Device Manager

or Samsung Find My Mobile, or repair services that include resetting the device’s software without first removing the account.

After factory reset you will be asked to provide Google account credentials that was previously synced or used while activating

the phone, without correct credential you will not be able to activate you phone.


Important instructions if you are stuck in google activation screen.

After your phone encounters untrusted or hard key factory reset your phone asks for your last google account credentials

which was last used in your phone.  If you have two or more than two google accounts used with your phone than you have

to use the credentials of the account which was used to activate the phone or first account which was used with your device.

Even after you put the correct credentials you won’t be able to activate your device for 72 hours lock down period.

72 hour lock down

period is designed by google so that you cannot activate your device even with correct credentials till 72 hours from

time you device encounters FRP lock for anti-theft purpose and you may can recover your device within that time period. 

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