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How To Create Free Apple ID.

Creating an Apple ID without cards



Many people get problem creating free apple id. Apple id is an apple account that apple authorizes people to use for the services they provide. Creating an apple id normally is difficult without submiting payment methods. In this post we are describing how to create Apple ID without submiting Payment methods. 

-We need an active email account that we can access (eg-, etc ). If you dont have active email account please create an email account first.


    1. 1-Run iTunes in your Computer.
    2. 2-Sign out of Account from iTunes if you are already loged in.
    3. 3-Click iTunes Store.
    4. 4-Scroll Down to button of iTunes Window and choose country NEPAL.
    5. 5-Again Scroll Down to button and click APP Store.
    6. 6-Select any free Game or APP.
    7. 7-Click Get.
    8. 8-Click Create New Apple ID and click Continue in next Step.
    9. 9-Read and mark the terms and condition and click Agree.
    10. 10-Enter you active email id and enter new Password to use for Apple account you are creating.( note:- your email account and apple account you are creating is different )
    11. 11-Fill all other fields required,  including your rescue email id  with all real entry( not fake ) and click continue.
    12. 12-Select None for Payment Type and fill other personal information details then click Create Apple ID( Enter real details so you can remember when account recovery required in future )
    13. 13-Now login to your email account used to create Apple ID and Click Verity in the email sent by Apple for verification.
    14. 14-You will need to enter Apple ID and password in this step to verify your account.
    15. 15-Now your apple is ready to use in Apple Store. 
    16. 16-But verifying your rescue email is important for making your apple account more secure. Login to your rescue email you entered while creating apple id and verify your rescue email like you verified your apple ID.

Follow this Video guide for more clear instructions.

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