Blog - Can I upgrade iOS on my iPhone after unlock?

Can I upgrade iOS on my iPhone after unlock?

Yes, You can upgrade iOS anytime, anywhere and it will not relock your device. iPhone and iPad performs best with latest software release. But make sure you have factory unlocked your iphone(not jailbroken and unlocked).

              Note: If  'Find my iphone' is ON in  your iphone icloud id & password is required when you need to reactivate your iphone. Reactivation is required,

  • In case, frimware is upgraded or restored.
  • In case, Your iphone is factory unlocked recently and tried for activation after unlock.
  •   In case, phone is stolen or lost and the owner of  iphone eraged and locked phone remotely (This can be done via

             So, make sure you know the icloud ID details used in the iphone that you want to unlock. We recommend to turn off 'find my iphone' before submitting unlock order for that phone.


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