My Statement   0 Comments

We provide complete statement from your activity on our site. Go to your account and click my statement

  1. Server usage statement from your account
  2. Search statement by description
  3. Statement will export to excel
  4. Date
  5. Details desctiption
  6. Account type
  7. Amount
  8. Balance
  9. Related Id
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My Invoices   0 Comments

We provide complete and real invoices for all our services. Login to your account, then click My Account, My Invoices


  1. Click to show all paid invoices
  2. Click to show all unpaid invoices
  3. Invoice ID
  4. Invoice generated date
  5. Invoice due date
  6. Invoice payment date
  7. The total amount of your order
  8. The payment status
  9. You can view full details of the invoice by clicking on the icon
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How to place new IMEI order   0 Comments

We made it so easy that everyone can use our services and here for example unlock any mobile phone on the market. This is the imei services list by imei group. It may sometimes different in few details depending the tools used but it's mostly the same all the time. We will explain here in details how it works.

Go to place order, IMEI service

place order imei
  1. Select IMEI service
  2. Display group name of imei service
  3. Search service by write service name which you want to fnd or find service by... Posted in My Account By   k231

How to register on this website   0 Comments

We made the registration process very easy and fast.
  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your email
  3. Enter your password and conformation password
  4. Enter your contact details
  5. Enter address details
  6. Enter custom field extra information
  7. Chose your security question and Enter your answer
  8. Enter captcha Verification code
  9. Click to signup


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)   0 Comments


- Will unlocking my phone affect my contract?

If you obtained your phone on a contract, you should consider that the phone remains the property of the network until the end of your contract. Unlocking your phone while under contract may be a breach of your contract. You may wish to check with your contract supplier to see if unlocking is prohibited before purchasing unlock codes from... Posted in FAQ By   k231

How to ADD Funds Via eSewa   2 Comments

You can load funds to your phoneunlocksewa account via your registered eSewa account . To add funds to your phoneunlocksewa account via eSewa ,


  • Login to your phoneunlocksewa account ( Registration required to login )
  • Navigate your mouse cursor to "My Account" and click "Add Fund" from drop down menu popup.
  • fill the amount field with  required amount to process for unlock
  • Choose "eSewa" and click "Add... Posted in NEWS By   k231

Iphone unlock Process   0 Comments

Before submiting your orders please read the guide carefully.

Confirm the country and the carrier your phone locked to. If you donot know the carrier your phone is locked to, then use "  Posted in Unlocking By   k231

iPhone unlocking conditions   0 Comments

Make sure when ordering the handset is verified and confirmed being locked to the specific network only.

If you are unsure please do not order, as phone will NOT be unlocked, and it may result in not getting a refund depending the solution you choose.

Therefore please use network finder service to verify on which network your iPhone is locked. Please check features supported.


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Apple Iphone Unlocking   0 Comments

Order and pay your iPhone unlocking here. Your unlock will be processed following the delivery time you see on this page. A confirmation will be sent to your email as soon as the job is done.
  • Permanently factory unlock your iPhone without jailbreaking, by whitelisting your IMEI in the Apple iTunes database.
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