Can I upgrade iOS on my iPhone after unlock?   0 Comments

Yes, You can upgrade iOS anytime, anywhere and it will not relock your device. iPhone and iPad performs best with latest software release. But make sure you have factory unlocked your iphone(not jailbroken and unlocked).

              Note: If  'Find my iphone' is ON in  your iphone icloud id & password is required when you need to reactivate your iphone. Reactivation is required,

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)   0 Comments


- Will unlocking my phone affect my contract?

If you obtained your phone on a contract, you should consider that the phone remains the property of the network until the end of your contract. Unlocking your phone while under contract may be a breach of your contract. You may wish to check with your contract supplier to see if unlocking is prohibited before purchasing unlock codes from... Posted in FAQ By   k231

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