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Here are list of Download Links for Required Serviing Tools and Files.

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Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock by Cable, 0 Counter Left...   1 Comments

Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock by Cable, 0 Counter Left Supported.



Although your locked phone prompts to enter unlock code, it may not show how much unlock counter is remaining to enter the unlock code. If you have already entered unlock codes randomly OR somebody else... Posted in Direct Unlock ( Cable ) By   k231

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge AU SCV31 Unlock   1 Comments

 Unlock Galaxy S6 Edge AU SCV31


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FRP   2 Comments


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How to Identify iPhone Model   0 Comments

Identify your iPhones model by its model number on the back cover.

Look at the back of your iPhone to get its Model number and compare your iPhones model in list below.



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How To Create Free Apple ID.   0 Comments

Creating an Apple ID without cards



Many people get problem creating free apple id. Apple id is an apple account that apple authorizes people to use for the services they provide. Creating an apple id normally is difficult without submiting payment methods. In this post we are describing how to create Apple ID without submiting Payment... Posted in Apple By   k231

Icloud FAQ   2 Comments

These thee images are sample of icloud locked apple iphone/ipad .Counting from left to right the first image is ICLOUD CLEAN locked device( This happens when apple id or password is forgotten and the device comes to activation state afterwards. Second image is ICLOUD BLOCKED locked device with owner message and contact number( This happens when the owner of device lost it or someone stole it and the owner blocked it in  Posted in Icloud By   k231

How to register and how to place unlock order   0 Comments

This video will Guide you how to register and submit remote unlocking service.

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Can I upgrade iOS on my iPhone after unlock?   0 Comments

Yes, You can upgrade iOS anytime, anywhere and it will not relock your device. iPhone and iPad performs best with latest software release. But make sure you have factory unlocked your iphone(not jailbroken and unlocked).

              Note: If  'Find my iphone' is ON in  your iphone icloud id & password is required when you need to reactivate your iphone. Reactivation is required,

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You can edit your profile anytime you need it. It's very important to always keep your details up to date. This details was recorded when u registered on our website. All the details are required especially if you need to receive goods.
My Profile
  1. This is your username it will can not be changed.
  2. Edit your email address
  3. Edit your profile picture from if you register
  4. Edit your phone number, click send code to verify your mobile
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