SUNSHINE SS-890C Pro Multifunctional Intelligent Cloud Film Cutting Machine(12.9 INCH)

13 May, 2021

.The first to support mobile phone Bluetooth operation and device WIFI operation

 .Can support 12.9 large size 

 .Automatic film feeding, more convenient operation

 .Cloud data is powerful, 10 operating languages, more than 13,000 models


16 Dec, 2020

Input voltage:220V



Set time:1.5-30min

Case material:Stainless steel

Tank size:153*87*65mm

Product size:177*110*128mm



Pioneered touch technology

Intelligent NC Deep cleaning


More simple, more clean, more efficient


16 Dec, 2020

Temperature range:200-420℃



Net Weight:2.5KG

Can be preset technological parameters of three channels and more practical

Temperature alarm function, temperature changer

Sensor preposition, real-time monitor temperature of tin, return temperature rapidly

Solder tip change convenience

Anti-static devise, ESD measuring abilityal film


15 Dec, 2020

Quick 857DW+ Adjustable Hot Air Gun 580W Soldering Rework Station. Comes with 4 pieces Nozzles + Heater. It ensures a matchless performance.

Temperature range:200-480℃



Net Weight:2.4KG


15 Dec, 2020

1.S-918F, born for edge screen separate and glue remover.

2.Edge screen separate and glue remover,support with middle frame operation.

3.360° rotating platform, exclusive card design,Unique card design, anti-winding.

4.Magnetic buckle,Convenient storage,free disassembly.

5.Built-in strong suction pump.

6.Smooth and large operation aluminum plate up to 6.5 inches.

 SUNSHINE S-918F Edge screen separation glue remover.

S-918F, born for edge screen separate and glue remover>Edge screen separate and glue remover,support with middle frame operation.

360° rotating platform, exclusive card design,Unique card design, anti-winding

Magnetic buckle,Convenient storage,free disassembly

Built-in strong suction pump

Smooth and large operation aluminum plate up to 6.5 inches


15 Dec, 2020

Power supply:100-240V


Product size:240*370*120MM

Working size:190*295MM

Net weight:7.5KG

Auto heating metal plate, maximum temperature is 400 centigrade

Safety power system inside, avoiding the electric leakage problem

Anti static body material, prevent the LCD and the flex cable being damaged from static

Compatible for LCD or LED screen assembly

Excellent machineS-918R/918P multi-function vacuum separator

14-inch large work area

SUNSHINE S-918R Mobile / Tablet Screen Separator

Meet the needs of all mobile phones and tablets

Multi-purpose machine

14 -inch large work area

 to meet the needs of mobile phones and pad

Built-in two powerful vacuum pump

Double control suction control

partition suction, more accurate

Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock by Cable, 0 Counter Left Supported.

29 Jun, 2017

Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock by Cable, 0 Counter Left Supported.



Although your locked phone prompts to enter unlock code, it may not show how much unlock counter is remaining to enter the unlock code. If you have already entered unlock codes randomly OR somebody else tried entering incorrect unlock code more than the given counter then even the correct unlock code will not work. If your phone prompts to enter unlock code but unlock counter is 0 left, then the code you receive will not work . Depending on Phone model and Carrier (Network) , available counter to enter unlock code may varry. follow this instruction to get available unlock counter.


1.Switch on your phone without SIM card Compose *#*#7378423#*#*

2.Select Service Info and then Simlock . If X is with Network and it is not 0 you can unlock your phone via code.

3.If X is 0  or  255 Unlimited your counter is locked and unlocking via code is not possible.


 Valid conditon

(X) Network  - 5 or 10 or any other digit except 0 

() Network Subset - 0

() Service Provider -0

() Corporate -0

() SIM -0 


 Invalid Condition


(X) Network  -0  or 255 Unlimited  (blocked counter)

() Network Subset - 0

() Service Provider -0

() Corporate -0

() SIM -0 




(0) Network  - 10   (it must be  (X) Network ) (donot submit if it is shown (0) Network  )

(X) Network Subset - 0

(X) Service Provider -0

(X) Corporate -0

(X) SIM -0 


If your Unlock Counter is left 0 or if your phone doesnot prompts to enter Unlock code then you can submit order in "Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock 0 Counter supported service". Almost 98% of Xperia Models are supported by this Service. Although this is stand alone Service, S1 Unlock service should be online to process unlock. 

You will receive username and password after your order is calculated successfully. Normally you will receive username and password within 10 minutes.

- Unlock tool  ( Click to Download )

- Usb Drivers ( Click to Download )


You may need to turn off your antivirus ( This is not Virus ). 

Steps to Unlock

- Run Unlock tool you have downloaded

- Enter username and password you received

- Click Unlock

- Press Volume Down on power off Phones and connect usb to comupter. ( Install Drivers if not already installed ) 

      Your phone will be Unlocked within Seconds if S1 Server is Online. If you get any error while unlocking please talk to our support.




Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge AU SCV31 Unlock

28 Jun, 2017

 Unlock Galaxy S6 Edge AU SCV31



Samsung S6 Edge , Model Number SCV31 is the phone sold by AU KDDI Carrier in JAPAN.

Initially this model is locked by AU KDDI to use with other than AU network. As like other regular Samsung phones, this phone doesnot prompts to enter Network Unlock Code or Sim Unlock Code. Professional Mobile Servicing tools like Z3X, Octopus, SigmaKey, etc cannot unlock this phone.

- To Unlock this Model, talk to one of our support agents.



Contact US
 Chat live with us  




04 Jul, 2016


Understanding FRP lock

FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a  new feature  designed to protect  your android  device. It has been  added  to several 

android devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher.


FRP feature is only enabled if a Google account is  present on the device. FRP  does not  work  if the reset is done through

Apps > Settings > Backup  and  reset > Factory  data reset.  It also means that you  should have  to enable secure screen

lock feature to  prevent  removing google  account from your phone  and do  factory  resetting simultaneously. Here, after

the factory reset, you are not promptedto provide the Google account credentials that was previously synced on the device. 



FRP will not work if you are aware of OEM unlocking function is enable in developer option.  OEM unlocking protects


from FRP lock

(Normally this function is disable so you need to follow this simple step to enable OEM unlocking) 

To enable OEM unlocking Tap "Settings"
Tap "About Device"
Tap on the "Build Number" button about 7 times.
Developer Mode should now be unlocked and available in
Settings > More > Developer Options
Tap on the “Developer option” and select OEM unlocking
Now your phone has enabled OEM unlocking and you can do hard key factory reset.


Now your phone has enabled OEM unlocking and you can do hard key factory reset.

Note: Select OEM Unlocking if only you need to hard key factory reset or you need to Root you Android Device using unofficial

root toolkit. Selection OEM unlocking may take your device to Vulnerability, So that if device encounters untrusted hard key

factory reset from anyone other than you will not be asked google account or Samsung account credentials to activate any one can activate, remove your data and use your phone on their behalf.


FRP works when your device has encountered an untrusted reset, hard key factory reset, reset from Android Device Manager

or Samsung Find My Mobile, or repair services that include resetting the device’s software without first removing the account.

After factory reset you will be asked to provide Google account credentials that was previously synced or used while activating

the phone, without correct credential you will not be able to activate you phone.


Important instructions if you are stuck in google activation screen.

After your phone encounters untrusted or hard key factory reset your phone asks for your last google account credentials

which was last used in your phone.  If you have two or more than two google accounts used with your phone than you have

to use the credentials of the account which was used to activate the phone or first account which was used with your device.

Even after you put the correct credentials you won’t be able to activate your device for 72 hours lock down period.

72 hour lock down

period is designed by google so that you cannot activate your device even with correct credentials till 72 hours from

time you device encounters FRP lock for anti-theft purpose and you may can recover your device within that time period. 

How to Identify iPhone Model

15 Jun, 2016

Identify your iPhones model by its model number on the back cover.

Look at the back of your iPhone to get its Model number and compare your iPhones model in list below.




  Model                Year Introduced                Model Number    

iPhone 7+                2016                         A1661, A1785, A1786, A1784


iPhone 7                   2016                        A1660, A1779, A1780, A1768


iPhone SE                 2016                         A1723, A1662, A1724


iPhone 6S+              2015                         A1634, A1687, A1699


iPhone 6S                 2015                         A1633,A1688, A1700


iPhone 6+                 2014                        A1522, A1524, A1593


iPhone 6                    2014                        A1549, A1586, A1589


iPhone 5S                  2013                        A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528,

                                                                         A1530, A1533


iPhone 5C                 2013                         A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532


iPhone 5                    2012                        A1428, A1429, A1442 


iPhone 4S                  2011                        A1431, A1387, A1387


iPhone 4                    2010                        A1349, A1332


iPhone 3GS                2009                        A1325, A1303


iPhone 3G             2008,2009                    A1324, A1241


iPhone                        2007                         A1203


How To Create Free Apple ID.

04 May, 2016

Creating an Apple ID without cards



Many people get problem creating free apple id. Apple id is an apple account that apple authorizes people to use for the services they provide. Creating an apple id normally is difficult without submiting payment methods. In this post we are describing how to create Apple ID without submiting Payment methods. 

-We need an active email account that we can access (eg-, etc ). If you dont have active email account please create an email account first.


    1. 1-Run iTunes in your Computer.
    2. 2-Sign out of Account from iTunes if you are already loged in.
    3. 3-Click iTunes Store.
    4. 4-Scroll Down to button of iTunes Window and choose country NEPAL.
    5. 5-Again Scroll Down to button and click APP Store.
    6. 6-Select any free Game or APP.
    7. 7-Click Get.
    8. 8-Click Create New Apple ID and click Continue in next Step.
    9. 9-Read and mark the terms and condition and click Agree.
    10. 10-Enter you active email id and enter new Password to use for Apple account you are creating.( note:- your email account and apple account you are creating is different )
    11. 11-Fill all other fields required,  including your rescue email id  with all real entry( not fake ) and click continue.
    12. 12-Select None for Payment Type and fill other personal information details then click Create Apple ID( Enter real details so you can remember when account recovery required in future )
    13. 13-Now login to your email account used to create Apple ID and Click Verity in the email sent by Apple for verification.
    14. 14-You will need to enter Apple ID and password in this step to verify your account.
    15. 15-Now your apple is ready to use in Apple Store. 
    16. 16-But verifying your rescue email is important for making your apple account more secure. Login to your rescue email you entered while creating apple id and verify your rescue email like you verified your apple ID.

Follow this Video guide for more clear instructions.

Icloud FAQ

03 Mar, 2016

These thee images are sample of icloud locked apple iphone/ipad .Counting from left to right the first image is ICLOUD CLEAN locked device( This happens when apple id or password is forgotten and the device comes to activation state afterwards. Second image is ICLOUD BLOCKED locked device with owner message and contact number( This happens when the owner of device lost it or someone stole it and the owner blocked it in with message who will activate it again ).Third image is ICLOUD BLOCKED locked device without messages and contact details. Please compare your icloud locked device and contact our support for assistance for unlocking them .

How to register and how to place unlock order

03 Mar, 2016

This video will Guide you how to register and submit remote unlocking service.

 Your suggestions and comments are appreciated  !

Can I upgrade iOS on my iPhone after unlock?

14 Feb, 2016

Yes, You can upgrade iOS anytime, anywhere and it will not relock your device. iPhone and iPad performs best with latest software release. But make sure you have factory unlocked your iphone(not jailbroken and unlocked).

              Note: If  'Find my iphone' is ON in  your iphone icloud id & password is required when you need to reactivate your iphone. Reactivation is required,

  • In case, frimware is upgraded or restored.
  • In case, Your iphone is factory unlocked recently and tried for activation after unlock.
  •   In case, phone is stolen or lost and the owner of  iphone eraged and locked phone remotely (This can be done via

             So, make sure you know the icloud ID details used in the iphone that you want to unlock. We recommend to turn off 'find my iphone' before submitting unlock order for that phone.


 Your suggestions and comments are appreciated  !

My profile

13 Feb, 2016
You can edit your profile anytime you need it. It's very important to always keep your details up to date. This details was recorded when u registered on our website. All the details are required especially if you need to receive goods.
My Profile
  1. This is your username it will can not be changed.
  2. Edit your email address
  3. Edit your profile picture from if you register
  4. Edit your phone number, click send code to verify your mobile
  5. Enter verify code from your message which you get after click on send code.
  6. Edit personal details first name and last name
  7. Edit your address
  8. Edit extra information
  9. Click to generate temporary password

My Statement

13 Feb, 2016

We provide complete statement from your activity on our site. Go to your account and click my statement

  1. Server usage statement from your account
  2. Search statement by description
  3. Statement will export to excel
  4. Date
  5. Details desctiption
  6. Account type
  7. Amount
  8. Balance
  9. Related Id

My Invoices

13 Feb, 2016

We provide complete and real invoices for all our services. Login to your account, then click My Account, My Invoices


  1. Click to show all paid invoices
  2. Click to show all unpaid invoices
  3. Invoice ID
  4. Invoice generated date
  5. Invoice due date
  6. Invoice payment date
  7. The total amount of your order
  8. The payment status
  9. You can view full details of the invoice by clicking on the icon

How to place new IMEI order

13 Feb, 2016

We made it so easy that everyone can use our services and here for example unlock any mobile phone on the market. This is the imei services list by imei group. It may sometimes different in few details depending the tools used but it's mostly the same all the time. We will explain here in details how it works.

Go to place order, IMEI service

place order imei
  1. Select IMEI service
  2. Display group name of imei service
  3. Search service by write service name which you want to fnd or find service by selecting group or by brand and models
  4. The image of the service in use
  5. Recognise service name
  6. Service features, it should be order can cancel or not,Bulk IMEI, type,order verifiable or not
  7. Unlock price for that service
  8. Delivery time for this service. How long it should take for you to receive the service ordered

place order form

  1. The title of the service and icon of the service
  2. Back link to go to previous list of service
  3. Enter IMEI number, it should be bulk service then click add this IMEI to bulk entry
  4. Enter Bulk IMEI numbers seperated by enter or new line
  5. We list here the supported models of phones for this services. Sometimes it can be different
  6. it can also shows MEP or PRD supported of service and input type of service
  7. The description of the service. Please read it carefully. Those details are very important. Each solutions may require different informations. Supported features, please read exactly what is supported and what is not
  8. Enter a note for this phone easy to remember for example the name of your customer and the price. Comments can be used in custom solutions as an extra field. Please read complete description for each service before sending request.
  9. Responce email of your customer who will receive custome reply
  10. Once you are ready press this button so submit your requests.
  11. Feedbacks from previous customers who have used this solution

How to register on this website

13 Feb, 2016
We made the registration process very easy and fast.
  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your email
  3. Enter your password and conformation password
  4. Enter your contact details
  5. Enter address details
  6. Enter custom field extra information
  7. Chose your security question and Enter your answer
  8. Enter captcha Verification code
  9. Click to signup


After signup login to your email that you used during registration and click on the link we provided to you in your inbox to verify your idintity and your account will be activate.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

13 Feb, 2016


- Will unlocking my phone affect my contract?

If you obtained your phone on a contract, you should consider that the phone remains the property of the network until the end of your contract. Unlocking your phone while under contract may be a breach of your contract. You may wish to check with your contract supplier to see if unlocking is prohibited before purchasing unlock codes from us.

- Will the unlock codes damage my phone?

Removing the network restriction on your mobile phone with unlock codes is the safest form of unlocking available. You simply enter the necessary codes directly into your phone via the keypad to remove the network restriction.

Your  details are fully encrypted and processed over a secure server. We do not store your  details for maximum security. We also support PayPal, which has a Thawte certified 128bit SSL Security site.

- Will my phone still work?

Yes, unlocking simply removes the network lock and SIM lock that are entered into the phones software when sold to you by the network. 

- What information do I need to give you?

This varies depending on the solution. Typically you need to provide the model, the 15 digit IMEI number of the phone and the country / network it is locked to. Usually this is enough but this does vary for each handset and solution. Either way we provide you with full easy to follow instructions to unlock your phone.

Sure. Please register to our website  we offer special discounts for professinal unlockers.

It's the small (roughly 2cm by 1 cm) microchip card that you insert into a phone when it's first set up. It provides the identity of the phone for the mobile network. The SIM card is usually located behind the battery on the back of the phone.

- How will I know if my phone is locked?

To find out if your phone is locked, simply place a different SIM card in the phone and turn the phone on. Ensure you use a different SIM and not the SIM that the phone was supplied with. If the phone does not allow you to view the menu and displays an error message such as "SIM not valid", "Phone Restricted", "SIM not accepted" then your phone is most likely to be locked. If the phone does allow you to view the menu then the phone in unlocked 

We would like to assure all of our website visitors that we would never provide an illegal service. Before starting our service, extensive research was carried out into the current international laws regarding mobile devices. 
Unlocking a mobile phone so that it will accept alternative network SIM cards is legal. All mobile phones are manufactured to accept any SIM card. It is consumers legal right to have their phone unlocked!
Please see this notice from the UK police (this site is based in the UK):
In the USA, a recent recommendation by the comission set up to monitor and update the DMCA exempts the reverse engineering of firmware for unlocking purposes from the stringent copyright language of the DMCA. This has effectively made unlocking software completely legal in the USA for a duration of 3 years, after which the decision will be reviewed. The DMCA's report exempting unlock software can be found at this document from the US Copyright Office:
The networks have to provide you with an unlock code if you request it, but they do charge much more than us!

Once you receive the codes, follow our detailed instructions and enter the codes into your phone by using the phone keypad. It is simple and straight forward and will immediately unlock your phone.

The IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identifier, this is a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies your phone. 
You simply enter *#06# (star hash zero six hash) into your phones key pad and then a 15 digit number will be displayed on the screen. You can also find your phones IMEI number on a label on the back of your phone, underneath the battery.
The unlock code will be generated from the IMEI number so it is very important you provide us with the correct IMEI number. If we do not have the correct IMEI number then we cannot generate the correct unlock code.
Please talk to our support if you still get problem to find your phone's IMEI.

The unlock codes we supply for most handsets will be entered without any SIM card inserted. However, certain handsets do require either an alternative SIM card, or the original SIM card to be inserted in order for the unlock codes to work. 

None at all, we provide complete and easy instructions for unlocking your phone. Often it can be as simple as entering an unlock code using the phone's keypad. If there is a problem unlocking your phone using the codes we provide then we will endeavor to solve the problem to the best of our ability.

You provide us with easy to find details of your phone e.g. the type, the IMEI number, country and the network that supplied the phone. This information is then used to provide an unlock code to unlock your phone. You simply follow the instructions we provide, and the phone will be unlocked - easy!

- Why would I want to unlock my phone?

There are hundreds of network operators around the globe that lock their phones onto their networks. So we un-lock the SIM locks from the phone so that you can use any network you please. 
Unlocking your phone will give you freedom to purchase or use a SIM card from another network in your own country or even worldwide. Unlocking your phone will give you the opportunity to change the SIM card to a local provider when abroad, allowing much cheaper calls. It will also increase the value of your phone if you sell it.

The unlocking service we offer allows you to use any network providers SIM card in your phone. Typically this involves unlock codes which are a series of numbers which can be entered into your mobile phone via the phones key pad to remove the network restriction and allow the use of other SIM cards. There are also other solutions which involve software or other ways to unlock your phone, so check that you are ordering the right solution for you.




How to ADD Funds Via eSewa

13 Feb, 2016

You can load funds to your phoneunlocksewa account via your registered eSewa account . To add funds to your phoneunlocksewa account via eSewa ,


  • Login to your phoneunlocksewa account ( Registration required to login )
  • Navigate your mouse cursor to "My Account" and click "Add Fund" from drop down menu popup.
  • fill the amount field with  required amount to process for unlock
  • Choose "eSewa" and click "Add Fund".
  • After you click "Add Fund", an electronic invoice will be generated and payment confirmation will be asked, click "Pay Now"
  • You will be redirected to eSewa page to enter your valid eSewa account user id and passwords
  • Enter your eSewa user id and password and and confirm your payment. 


( Your account will be credited within 5 minutes. If your account is not credited within 5 minutes, You may need to inform us about your payment with the invoice no. generated for your payment )

Now after your phoneunlocksewa account is credited, you can proceed to make your required service order.


For more information How to register and Place unlock Order , Watch the video.

How to Register and Place unlock order

Iphone unlock Process

13 Feb, 2016

Before submiting your orders please read the guide carefully.

Confirm the country and the carrier your phone locked to. If you donot know the carrier your phone is locked to, then use " iPhone Carrier and Sim-Lock Status" service and know the carrier your phone is locked to. The Result of this service will be delivered to you like this format


Serial Number: DX3QFASLG5QR
Part Description: IPHONE 6 PLUS SILVER 16GB
Product Version: 9.1
Initial Activation Policy ID: 2174
Initial Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy
Applied Activation Policy ID: 2174
Applied Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy
Next Tether Policy ID: 2174
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy
First Unbrick Date: 15-10-22
Unbricked: false


                                                 In example above "Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy" . So the phone is locked to USA Network , Sprint Carrier. 


Now know if your phones staus is clean or blacklisted. To know if your phones status is clean or blacklisted use "CheckMend Full Report (UK /USA) networks only" or "Clean Blacklist Check USA(Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T) Networks" service if the phone is from UK/USA OR use "Block / Unblock Check Worldwideservice for other Country. 

Now after you get your country, Carrier and Phones Status ( Clean/Blacklisted ) place unlock order selecting your required country and carrier.

If your checkmend or worldwide block check order report specifies your phones status is clean then find your required country and carrier service listing and place order on "clean" service.

If report specifies your phones status is blacklisted find your country and carrier service listing and place order on "premium" service.


Invalid or wrong network , wrong carrier and wrong status if submited in some services,we cannot refund even if your iphone will not be unlocked

iPhone unlocking conditions

13 Feb, 2016

Make sure when ordering the handset is verified and confirmed being locked to the specific network only.

If you are unsure please do not order, as phone will NOT be unlocked, and it may result in not getting a refund depending the solution you choose.

Therefore please use network finder service to verify on which network your iPhone is locked. Please check features supported.


Please talk to our support for more details.

 Chat live with us  

Apple Iphone Unlocking

13 Feb, 2016
Order and pay your iPhone unlocking here. Your unlock will be processed following the delivery time you see on this page. A confirmation will be sent to your email as soon as the job is done.
  • Permanently factory unlock your iPhone without jailbreaking, by whitelisting your IMEI in the Apple iTunes database.
  • All our unlocks are guaranteed to work, or your money back. No quibbles, no questions, no hassle.
  • Factory Unlock all iPhones regardless of bootloader, baseband and firmware version up to the latest iOS and beyond (if you don't know what this means, don't worry - it simply means we can unlock any handset).
  • Upgrade and Sync iPhones using iTunes without fear of ever being locked out.
  • Quickest factory unlock guaranteed.
  • Every single feature works perfectly 100%, and your warranty remains valid.
Always upgrade to latest firmware, with our unlocks you simply update using iTunes and your device remains unlocked.
For more information
 Chat live with us  

How to find the UDID of a blocked iCloud iPhone / iPad

13 Feb, 2016


The UDID is a unique 40-character key that identifies your iPhone or any Apple iDevice. It is calculated by SHA1 encoding four of the following data:

UDID = SHA1 (serial_number + ECID + wifiMac + bluetoothMac)

It’s a bit like a Social Security Number: specific to each unit; it enables Apple to immediately find the phone in its database of millions of mobile data from iPod, iPad etc. However, there’s a much simpler way to do this, and the good news is you don’t have to be a geek to understand it. We will explain how to find the UDID of your iPhone easily.

Method # 1: Conventional method: UDID via iTunes

The best known method is to find the UDID from iTunes. Nothing could be easier: connect your iPhone via USB cable, open iTunes, click your device, then on the screen summarizing the information on your iPhone, simply click the serial number. Each click will cycle and reveal clean data on your phone. Once the UDID is displayed, right click the mouse button to copy, as shown here:

How to get UDID via iTunes

This method is very easy except when your iPhone is locked by iCloud, in which case you cannot access this screen because iTunes will immediately ask you for the email and password of your iCloud account. This is where we offer a second method.

Method # 2: Recover an iPhone UDID without iTunes with Windows

Nothing could be simpler, just plug your iPhone with a USB cable into your PC and follow these instructions:

  • Open the “Windows Control Panel”
  • Open “Devices and Printers” (under “Hardware and Sound”)
  • Find and double-click “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” (1)
  • A properties window will open, select the “Hardware” tab
  • Click “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” (2) and then “Properties” (3)
  • A 3rd window opens, select the “Details” tab (4)
  • In the drop down list of properties, locate the “Device Instance Path” (5)
  • Once selected, the “Value” is displayed below, simply right click and select “Copy” (6)

How to get the UDID of your Blocked iPhone from Windows

You will see something like this: USB\VID_05AC&PID_12A8\81130C21720C887B991F2181369C201A24DFFF65
It’s the last part that interests us: 81130C21720C887B991F2181369C201A24DFFF65

Method # 3: Recover an iPhone UDID without iTunes with MAC

First, power on your iDevice and plug it into your Mac. Select the Apple icon at the top-left of the Menu Bar, hold the Option key on the keyboard, and select “System Information” (this menu entry replaces “About This Mac” when the Option key is depressed).

When the System Information window loads, look under the Hardware section on the left and select the entry for USB. A list of your Mac’s USB ports and any attached USB hubs will appear on the right. Find your iPhone in this list and look at the bottom panel. You’ll see a long string of numbers and letters listed for “Serial Number.” Despite the name, this is not your iPhone’s serial number; it’s the UDID.

Get UDID without iTunes on Mac


What is Difference Between Samsung Reactivation Lock and FRP Lock

13 Feb, 2016

Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a new feature designed to protect your android device. It has been added to several android devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher.

This feature enables you to set up your device to prevent other people from using it in the event that it has been reset to factory settings without your permission.  For example, if your device is lost, stolen, flashed, or wiped, only someone with your Google account or screen lock information can perform a factory data reset and use the device.


When a device is factory reset, the device will not be able to be setup without the user entering the Google Account associated with the device.Google account setup is required in order to use the FRP feature . 


Samsung Reactivation lock

Reactivation lock lets you use your Samsung account to prevent others from activating your device if ever it is lost or stolen. With Reactivation lock turned on, you will be required to enter your Samsung account credentials prior to performing a factory reset on the device.Like icloud for idevices reactivation lock on samsung devices is known as sCloud.



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